Sunday, January 27, 2008

Birthday Update #2

So. Turning 24. There's something poetic that I'm sure I can say about it, but it seems that the only thing ringing in my head nowadays is the realization that I'm as old as Ginny was when she first met me in Dumaguete. The ramifications are interesting. ^_^

At any rate, so the birthday. I was woken up with cuddles and kisses from The Boyfriend, and then my dad called, wished me a happy birthday, and said that he and my siblings would be having lunch out to celebrate my birthday - of course, despite the fact that I WASN'T IN MANILA. And then afterwards, Jilly called and that was nice as well, your best friend calling up all the way from home. And then AFTERWARDS, my mother called to berate me about my life choices, wish me a happy birthday, berate me a bit more, and then tell stories. O_o And then we realized that it was already near lunchtime and we rushed to get ready to meet my friends at Little India.

Can I just say that I really, really, REALLY missed my uni friends? ^_^ I was so glad to see everyone and I got lovely pressies and they bought me a nice chocolate cake from BreadTalk and I treated them to a lunch buffet at Spice Junction along Race Course Road. (Check out the review from - it's quite excellent and that was how we discovered the place in the first place.) The buffet wasn't that bad in terms of price, and the food was excellent and the service staff quite affable and friendly and speedy with the delivery of items. ^_^ Photos, unfortunately, are with Lorie and I'll have to wait for her to upload them and gank from her before I can show you the lovely lovely food we had.

And then we dispersed - The Boyfriend and I wandered around Clarke Quay for awhile and had a long afternoon's conversation over chai tea latte (or alternatively, "tea tasting of soap used to wash horses") at Starbucks before bucking down and wandering off to the Asian Civilizations Museum, where we checked out the West Asia/Islamic World exhibitions and wandered around some more, where he happily threatened to convince me to ride the stupid reverse bungee at Clarke Quay but I wouldn't buck down because seeing the thing just makes me freeze in terror. O_o And then we went to Riverside Tandoori, where we had another Indian buffet (mmm garlic naan + paneer, muttom rogan josh and gulab jamun!) and then rolled back to the flat.

Oh, and before I forget: last night, as the clock struck twelve, The Boyfriend made me close my eyes and hold out my hands, and gave me this -

Yes, those are real pearls, and the setting is white gold. This is my first real set of jewelry and I love it very muchly. I don't know where he got it or how he got it (well, he swears he didn't do anything illegal, like sell a pinky finger or anything of the sort) - only that it was from the US and that his sister Mash played a pretty big role in helping him get the set without his parents finding out.

Needless to say, I am pleased. More than pleased. I am glowing with happiness. Not at the jewelry, although I appreciate them for what they are. But more than that, I appreciate the effort and trouble and love that went through obtaining them, given the set of circumstances against us. ^_^ Now I am loathe to remove the necklace around my neck, although because the back of the earrings are a bit loose, we had an amazing incident at dinner tonight, where incidentally, the waiter serving us looked like Barack Obama.

SFX: *pop!*
Me: What was that? *feels something cold roll down her shoulders and into her blouse*
TBF (The Boyfriend): What?
Me: Oh shit!
TBF: What?
(Barack Obama walks past and refills our water glasses)
Me: My earring went into my cleavage.

So yes. That was my birthday. ^_^ It was good.

PS. Thank you to everyone who greeted me today, friends in Singapore and Manila and around the world, wherever you are. ^_^ And to those who came for my birthday lunch, thanks so much! I missed you guys.

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