Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

So here's the prerequisite New Year post, the first blog entry for 2008. We put a lot of premium on "firsts" - first word, first step, first kiss, first love. We want to do something right the first time around, and I suppose that's human nature to be disappointed when things don't turn out the way they want.

Last year, I was so sure of myself: I knew what I needed to do and what I wanted to do, and I knew which direction my life was going. Now it feels like things need to be re-assessed, be recalibrated, and perhaps to formulate a new plan of action. I'm not sure what's going to happen in the next few weeks and months, but hopefully I made the right decision in staying on in Singapore after my masters' degree. My mother cautioned me against basing decisions on something as fragile and tenuous as love, but I'm hoping this gamble will pay off. He makes me happy in ways that most people (if not everyone else I know) cannot, and just to hear his voice or to receive an e-mail from him makes my day. ^_^

In other news, so I've been traveling loads this past week: December 26, I said good-bye to my dad and to Manila; December 27, we flew in from Manila to Davao and then on the 30th I flew back to Manila; December 31, I flew from Manila to Singapore. Because of these things - travel, stress, a quick succession of weather changes, and exposure to viral infections, I'm now sick with a bad cough and my usual cold. Having trouble breathing even as I type this and my body's just tired and sleepy. Had soup and tea for most of the day, since our fridge is still out of commission (maggots invaded it during the holidays because the power was inadvertently tripped) so whatever food I have is in tupperwares and bottles and I still ned to re-clean the fridge before I'm actually willing to put food in it. Sigh, I suppose this is nothing new: last year, at around this time as well, I was also down with the flu and our toilet broke down. So I suppose it's really the season for these kinds of things. O_o

Still, for 2008, I won't make any resolutions or promises to anyone except myself (and my other half, the love of my life) just because I know how fickle the world can be, and how the universe can change courses in an instant. But for everyone else, here's hoping that 2008 brings about things that we need to happen in our lives, and change for the better.

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