Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last Two Weeks

Well, it's been quite some time since I was last here, so apologies all around. The word "hectic" does not do justice to everything that's been going on for the past two weeks, so maybe "crazy" would describe things better.

I guess the two biggest things right now is my new job and the fact that The Boyfriend is back in Singapore. ^_^ The new job is just an upgrade from my old job before going off to Singapore, and it's with a small-ish ad agency that's just ten minutes away from the flat (yay for convenience!) and while there are still some sticky issues regarding my papers, it seems that everything is going smoothly. I have loads on my plate already and I'm carefully getting the hang of everything in dealing with my officemates and dealing with the environment. I guess the biggest difference I'm noticing right now is the way that Singaporeans deal with time management compared with how we Filipinos deal with time management. These people always count every minute, down to the last second, that it's almost bordering on anal. I mean, I understand productivity, but please, give us a break! We're not robots, you know. O_o On the flip side, at least you know that no one's slacking off at work and that offices will be taking their breaks at the time that they say they will, and so things eventually end up being more efficient. Still, I'm nostalgic for the days when Hiyas would turn to me and say, "Tara, Ministop tayo!" I think most of my salary ended up with the Emerald Avenue franchise, seriously.

But still, the work is interesting enough to keep me on my toes, and I like the interaction with both my officemates, and also with clients. And so far, people are very understanding of the fact that I'm new, and that for the next two weeks, I'm temporarily taking over our senior account manager's duties while she goes off for vacation. I'm still quite nervous about this, but hopefully things work out well. ^_^ I'm being optimistic about this job because I know that, if things work out, I can already apply for permanent residency, which will allow me greater flexibility in terms of job options as well as career movement.

And obviously, things are now on a better note than they were a couple of weeks back - The Boyfriend is finally here and it's just been such a joy to have him back. We've firmly established that neither of us are capable of dealing with long-distance relationships, so we're really just stuck to each other like glue. ^_^ It feels good to be back in his arms. It feels like home.

I'm also trying to get a headstart on books as well as a bit of writing. I really intend to be more productive creatively this year, as well as figure out in what direction I want to head out with this craft. ^_^ This seems so right, and so new, and so exciting. Hopefully, the year works out well.

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