Thursday, February 21, 2008

Balancing Work and Life

1. I have been getting sick a lot lately. I have a feeling it's really because of the stress from work, there's a virus going around the office (first E, then me, and then A, and latest victim is T), and we're all doing so much. I'm adjusting better after my second month, but to be honest, I really do wish they'll pay me more with all the work I'm doing for them. I've never had a quiet day ever since I joined, whereas some people can just surf the Internet for a couple of hours without Kamote (yeah, that's what we three girls call the boss - if you're Filipino, you'll get it) picking on their lack of work, when he sees me idle, he calls me to his office for something to do. O_o

2. However, I really do enjoy the company of my officemates. Except for one person, That Crazy Artist (TCA), everyone else is quite nice to work with and are most probably people I would want to hang out with beyond the boundaries of the office. ^_^ I'm enjoying the company of the front desk - myself, T, E, and C. And I also hang out with A and LJ for lunch, which is fun as well, sicne we talk about stupid stuff and bitch in Filipino, so it's all cool.

3. Oh, American Idol 7 is on! And I have to put dinner together. And The Boyfriend will be home soon, and has dessert, which is excellent. ^_^

4. I just noticed that what I was talking about is a prime example of the pitch I'm working on...well, later on that. Still have to prepare. Haha. *splat*

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