Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-Valentine Bandwagon

You know, for a holiday that's not even recognized on most (if not all) official holidays around the world, Valentines' Day certainly spawns a lot of blog entries - both pro- and anti-Valentines sentiments being the norm. I find it rather entertaining, reading everyone's two cents' worth on romance, love, and the entire ball of cheese.

Weirdly enough, The Boyfriend and I didn't really celebrate Valentines. I mean, we went out for dinner (a favorite haunt along Bussorah Road again, this time Amirah's Grill) and exchanged gifts (handmade cards - he stole my colored paper from my stock and I printed out photos of ourselves and made a flip-open card while he made me a pop-up card) which was funny and I cried in the restaurant when he gave me the card he made and read the poem he wrote for me and I was just so touched. ^_^ We might be poor and eating sardines out of a can but at least we can laugh about ourselves and be happy with what we have.

At least the date came at the heels of a really long day, full of problems and deadline coordination. I didn't have lunch 'til four in the afternoon, and that was just a sandwich that one of my colleagues bought for me. (Digression: Problems are still continuing now but I had to take a medical leave because I've been having voice problems the entire week which culminated today - I lost my voice and now I have to go to the doctor to have this checked.) So when he picked me up from the office, I just melted in his arms - not so much because of the occasion, but because I was just so exhausted and I'm just quite thankful that I have someone who can (literally) pick me up, someone I can lean on, someone who I can trust to take care of me. ^_^

But I mean, I don't really think we need a holiday to remind us to express our love for other people - like I said yesterday to him, "I wanted to greet you a Happy Valentines' Day, but I don't think it's necessary because spending every day with you is Valentines' Day." And he swept me up in his arms and said, "Same here."

So I don't know. I think I placed such a premium on Valentines' Day before because, if you were in a relationship, then it became an obligation to celebrate it (my last ex-boyfriend, incidentally, told me to appreciate the flowers he gave me because they were expensive. Yes, that was a command, y'all) and if you were single, then it's like the world telling you that life is crap because you don't have a special someone in your life, which is crazy. I think the last two years were my best Valentines' Day ever - last year, while I was single, it didn't matter at all and my friends and I just noted the fact that there were more girls carrying flowers. And this year, even though I have someone, it doesn't matter much because every day, for us, is really Valentines' Day. ^_^ And we don't have to wear red or sing love songs, buy flowers or expensive dinners or give fluffy expensive gifts. What I received from him is far more special: something made by his own hands, carrying with it all our hopes for the future.

And you don't need a Hallmark card to tell you all that.

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