Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's That "L" Word

Thank you for letting me sleep in bed even if it's past seven o'clock on a Saturday morning, for wrapping me in a blanket and cuddling me when I have a headache, for giving me hugs when I feel cranky and buying me chocolate when you know I have a bad day. Thank you for the massages when I'm having cramps, and for making sure that I'm not in pain before I go to sleep. Thank you for letting me have my way all most of the time and for giving me unexpected gifts. Thank you for buying me the books that I want, even if I don't ask for them. Thank you for carrying the groceries every weekend, and for helping me save money.

Thank you for the random hugs and the kisses, for not being embarassed at being caught making out in public. Thank you for the long walks at night, for the funny stories and the serious talks, the advice that you give me, for always knowing what's in my mind before I even realize it. Thank you for your patience when I am hyper-sensitive or when I'm not in a good mood, for always taking me in your arms and assuring me that I am still yours, and you are mine. Thank you for always telling me that you love me, that you'll always be with me, and suiting actions to words. Thank you, for seeing me the way I am, and for seeing me the way I see you - infinitely precious, far more beautiful than all the stars in the universe.

I love you too.

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