Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rain, Falling on the Window Pane

1. The weather in Singapore for the past few days has vacillated between drizzling and pouring. It must have been at least four or five days of intermittent rain - there's no such thing as monsoon storms in this country, which I miss. Still, the weather's been cool enough that we can forego the a/c for once and still feel relatively comfortable, cuddled up on a single bed.

2. Work has been quite stressful as of late. I've been through my first ever presentation pitch - yeah, the kind that you make a powerpoint presentation on, prepare handouts, and freak out at the last minute because of all the questions the panel might ask you. I swear, after the entire thing, I wanted to faint right then and there. I am just extremely lucky, I think, that I have the most supportive colleagues in the world, EVER.

It is, as well, an obvious source of pride when my boss (yeah, that crazy Singaporean) told me that I did a good job. *beams*

And of course, chalk it up to an awkward moment - ran into my uncle (mom's sister's husband) at the pitch. Apparently, he's part of the other company we were going up against. O_o Can anyone spell U-H-O-H?

3. The Boyfriend has been amazingly supportive as well, buying my chocolate bars and rubbing my tummy (panic attacks) as well as forcing me to confront the nerves head-on. He even woke up at 6 AM this morning just to help me rehearse for my spiel before I went off to work. ^_^ (In return, I cooked dinner tonight, even though I was dead on my feet, and lots of hugs and cuddles.)

4. A colleague of mine has also been recently dismissed (yeah That Artist) and while we all feel bad that someone had to be let go, you really can't blame management. This guy has been chronically late (he comes sauntering in the office past 11 AM almost every day), has an attitude that spans entire continents, and thinks he da shit fo' real. *facepalm* The only time I ever worked with him was for a pitch last January, and he totally messed it up. He only finished his creatives 30 minutes before we had to leave to submit the tender, and they were never boarded up. Obviously, we were never called in, even to present. O_o

Thankfully, after four months of putting up with his posturing and his non-existent work discipline, management terminated his contract and, since he was Malaysian, he has to go cross the border in two weeks' time. And I want to feel bad, I really do, and I'm trying to come up with something nice to say about him, but...ah well. Never mind. Best to keep my mouth shut.

5. AMERICAN IDOL 7, TOP 12! David Archuleta, you disappoint me. :(

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