Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(Extended) Family Dinners, Etc.

Had dinner today with three members of the Encarnacion clan - Tita Livi, Tita Margo (Tito Mino's wife), and their niece Mico; myself and Ate Tabby rounded out the group. The Danses and the Encarnacions are very good friends, ever since our grandparents' college days in UP (that was in the 1940s) and so even the kids are very close to each other. My mom's best friend, Tita Bobbet, is the third Encarnacion; my mom is the third Dans in the line of siblings. ^_^ Anyway, so Tita Livi is visiting Singapore from Germany, Tita Margo and Tito Mino are based here, and Mico works here at the HSBC in Singapore and so we all gathered around at Long Beach Seafood along Tanglin Village and had an excellent time. Afterwards, we ended up at Tita Margo's lovely house at Holland Grove for dessert (leche flan!) and more talking, so it was very very nice, as far as evenings in Singapore goes.

I guess what I really missed was something resembling family - I mean, I know that I have cousins here and at least one aunt-and-uncle, but I'm not close to them and I don't think that we'd get along all that well. But these people remind me of where I come from and the family that I belong to, and that's always a nice feeling to have - especially when, as far as the rest of the population goes, you're just another anonymous face, that you blend in with the crowd. So it was nice to be reminded of your roots.

Plus, it's always good to go out when The Boyfriend is not home - he's holed up in uni, studying feverishly for exams (well, I hope he's studying feverishly), since this is his last round of exams for the semester. I must admit I didn't behave too nicely to the fact that he wasn't coming home until Saturday, and I do feel bad that I had to put that on him and that it was definitely wrong timing - and now I'm hitting my head against the wall with that (metaphorically speaking, of course) - and now I just want to be patient and behaved and supportive, 'cos that's what I'm supposed to do in the first place. ^_^

At any rate, so tomorrow is my last day at the old office, and I'm working for the new office on Friday (Thursday is Labour Day), so I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. I hope things work out better after this week. ^_^

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