Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bluebells and Bullet Points

1. Still undergoing a massive information overload with regards to work. It doesn't help that a lot of my daily tasks have been put on hold because of the regional meeting going on for all representatives of the company, which means that I also have to attend because I need to know what's going on as well. Which doesn't help because now there's no one in the office tomorrow. Oy. On the upside, the food at the hotel is fantastic. In fact, the hotel itself is fantastic. ^_^

2. Added to that, a lot of external upheavals in the relationship as well. (Those of you who are on our Facebooks or have spoken to us recently know what I'm referring to.) But ah well, you know what they say - for better or worse...

3. Ironman was fantastic! (I'm not interested in watching Speed Racer though.) Next movie to look out for is Prince Caspian, even though, from what I remember - skipping The Horse and His Boy - isn't the next book supposed to be The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? O_o My Narnia skillz fail me.

Oh, and of course, the teaser trailer to The X-Files: I Want to Believe is out already. *fangirls and swoons*

4. If you have time, try and get your hands on a copy of A Different Voice: Fiction by Young Filipino Writers, edited by Vince Groyon. I know it's a bit delayed, my plugging the 50th PEN Philippines Anthology for Fiction (which came out last December 2007) but I only got my hands on a copy now - thanks to the infinitely lovely Ginny - and even I'm surprised at the quality of short fiction in the collection. I devoured the anthology while waiting in the queue at the Ministry of Manpower, and I enjoyed it very much. You should get your copy now too - either at F. Sionil Jose's La Solidaridad Bookshop or at UST Press. ^_^

Oh, and I'm starting to write again. (Shhhh....)

5. And I finally got my pretty, pretty Employment Pass, which means that I'm perfectly legal to stay here in Singapore for at least two years (it expires in 2010) and it just feels really good because I feel like I won something. ^_^ After all the shit that happened with my last job, and the stress that surrounded it, to finally have that little piece of laminated green card in my hands feels like a triumph. I feel valued and appreciated, and I don't have to labour under a Service Pass anymore (it's for mid-skilled workers, and only caps a certain salary grade) and that everything is clear and spread out before me like a bright summer day.

Lesson learned: Question everything that is presented to you upfront.

6. Things will be better soon. For me, and for us. I'm hoping and praying that all of these troubles just end sooner, rather than later.

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