Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forward Step

Posted by request from a few friends (am in the process of uploading more photos on Facebook and Multiply, so don't worry. Especially of Friday night, since I totally forgot my camera that night.)

My mom's visit here was nothing short of fantastic, and I only realized how easy it was to let her go because I know I'll see her again soon, and it's that knowledge that let me move towards the next chapter of life. And I'm excited, because here, things will be different. Something's ending, but something's also beginning.

And to a certain degree, I am proud to be a graduate of NUS. I mean, I already came from the best university in the Philippines, so come on, hello! I certainly did something right here.

So now I'm waiting for the chance to spread my wings and see if I can make it somewhere else. But in the meantime, I'll just be here, enjoying my job and waiting for whatever life has in store for me. As Meia said tonight, "Forward, step!"

In the meantime, I really am sincerely thankful for everything I have and everything that the universe gave me. It's not perfect, that's true, but it's better than what a lot of people have. And it's that kind of perspective that's allowing me to go forward, head held high, knowing that I can make it on my own. ^_^

PS. Photos are up on the Multiply page.

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