Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Need a Lifesaver

What saves me these days:

- The Tony&Pepper fiction archive. I am such a hor for Tony/Pepper UST, which is full of angst and snarky banter. Oh fandom, I love you.
- Deb Talen, and The Weepies in general.
- My boys over in the office. You may be 2 centimetres tall, chubby-faced, and full of teenage angst, but I still love you guys. You keep me sane even during the worst days.
- Work in general. ^_^ It's been two months already and I still love coming in every morning. This is a good sign, I hope.
- Re-discovering reading. So far, I've plowed through about five novels since June 1. That's a good speed.
- Long conversations over the phone. Thank you, Meia, for keeping me grounded and for giggling through inappropriate moments, like listening to Caucasians slurring drunkenly and slamming themselves against the lift wall.
- Love, in general, however long it may last. Every day, every second with you is still a gift.

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