Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just a Quickie

So many things happening all at once. I don't think I even have time to breathe.

Sunday was spent visiting A., a friend over at Woodlands, where a bunch of us attended the wake of his mother, who had spent almost a year battling leukemia. While it was great to see friends that I hadn't seen in quite a while, the reason for the impromptu reunion was also quite depressing. I went home in a depressive fit, stocked up on fanfiction, and had ice cream to make myself feel better.

Yesterday, my mom came in from Manila - fantastic! She's here because I'm graduating...well, not that I haven't received my letter, but the ceremony is only this week, and it's my first time wearing a gown and mortarboard. I mean, if you come from UP, then you know as well that we just wear the sablay and pretty white clothes underneath. Plus I never attended the university graduation the last time; just the college one at Hardin ng mga Diwata. ^_^ Good times.

So it's quite nice to know that my mother, at least, managed to fly all the way here to see my receive my masters' degree. It still feels a bit unreal, and maybe that's because not a lot of 24 year olds have MAs already, so I suppose it does matter, haha. But tomorrow, it feels like I'm just playing dress up and receiving a piece of paper saying that I'm being recognized for mucking around for a year and a half, reading the stuff I want to read and writing the stuff I want to write. ^_^ It's fairly cool.

I just wish everyone else back home were here. We'd party and have fun, and go out and paint the town red. Still, I'm glad to have friends here and that everything is going fairly all right. Now all we need to do is hold on tight and wait for the worst to be over.

PS. Remind me to tell you the pigeon story later. ^_^

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