Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sesame Street Days

Today was one of those Sesame Street days where things move seamlessly from one moment to another, as if a master cinematographer spliced each and every second of a day into something resembling a masterpiece.

Things achieved today:

1. Applied for my first credit card (which actually morphed and split into two, as Citibank was having a promotion and were giving 2 cards away, for free) and am now feeling quite grown up. Of course, still have a couple of documents to provide tomorrow, but am otherwise feeling quite pleased with myself. *pats self on back* This, if not for anything else, allows me to space out my purchases and not to freak out every time I need to pay the bills or something.

2. Watched The X-Files: I Want to Believe. ^_^ The fangirl in me was, well, fangirling the entire time and was quite pleased with herself. The film critic inside me was cringing...dear Chris Carter, when you are making a movie about a cult classic and a beloved TV, please remember that you are making a MOVIE. *tears hair out* I now totally understand why the critics panned this.

And the UST...was not there anymore. *cri*

3. Met up with good friend R and her DFA friend Sheila and took them to Makansutra for a proper Singaporean feast. We had cereal prawns, grilled stingray, fried sotong (octopus), 3 different kinds of satay, and seafood friend rice, all washed down with cool cups of sugarcane juice. ^_^ Stories were passed all around and I'm quite happy that she's here in Singapore and that there's a familiar face who's staying here to work for quite a number of years. So yay!

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