Saturday, July 28, 2012

it's all pouring down on me

So where are we in the grand narrative of things? *shuffles around pages*

So far, things are looking up. This week was great in terms of work because I did film screenings for my English 11 classes - we watched the slam poetry documentary "Louder Than A Bomb" and the Ginsberg biopic "Howl" - and in my research paper classes, we had outlining and individual consultations. I'm looking forward to their reports next week; many of them have really good topics and managed to explore the interesting angles of what could have been an otherwise very narrow field of expertise.

Teaching is tiring, though. Nobody ever really pointed this out to me before. Like, my body is physically exhausted after every single day, and my weekends are pretty much swallowed up by checking papers and preparing for the following week. Now I have to consciously insist that my Saturdays are days for myself - where I can meet friends or attend events, wrap up freelance projects or write and read for pleasure - and even then, sometimes I just want to plow through all that work just so I can make a dent into the never-ending pile of papers. Just the sheer amount of time you take in making and planning lessons and readings and going through their output is staggering. I now relish whatever free time I have in between work and work, and am just trying to make it through to the next 24 hours.

But in the end, I think I am enjoying the company of my students, and that they're interesting and funny and I think that sometimes all that's needed is for you to listen to what they're trying to tell you. (Or just get to the point where they would want to actually SAY something in the first place. Sometimes, I am just tempted to pour coffee down their throats just to wake them up.) But when you get them talking or writing, I am simply amazed at the thoughts and ideas that go through their minds. It's like trying to capture the speed of light with a film camera.

I've also had a good time with non-school related things. This week's been exceptionally fun in terms of eating and hanging out with friends - two of my favorite activities. First up, there was cousin Sandra's 25th birthday house party, where we ended up playing Fluxx and an epic three-hour-plus game of Cosmic Encounters that culminated in a three-way win, and of course there was pizza and the best potato salad this side of the world (thanks, Kitty!) and just good times all around. And then there was Mezza Norte, also known as Mercato for those who are more familiar with the food market's BCG variation, and while it was raining and the tents were packed, Marvs and La Gordita and Mon and I were able to snag some awesome noms (hello, deep-fried pork belly!) and I'm just so happy that it'll be in the area from Thursdays to Saturdays at Technohub, which is a stone's throw away from our house. Like, I can just walk there in flipflops and shorts and then head back home in ten minutes or so. Also, I'm all for supporting local producers - whether it's at farmers' markets or at arts and crafts stores or home cooks sharing their food. But then again, I'm a capitalist, so yay for the free market!

But so far the highlight for the week is the Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 7 book launch, which happened today. First of all, I realized that I missed these people, and I really missed their company and their awesomeness and also I got a lot of nice hugs, and nice hugs are always important to one's well-being. And if we're going to talk about writing communities, the spec fic community is amazingly inclusive and welcoming and always ready to give a helping hand to anyone who asks for it. And I feel overwhelmingly privileged to hang out with these people, to laugh at all the jokes, to join in the interactive fun and to discuss ways on how to dominate the world with a ten-year-old.

And it also ignited that fire that made me want to get on with my writing projects and contribute to all these things. I already know the stories I want to tell. They're inside my head. Now all I have to do is sit in front of the computer and write. And that's what I want the second half of the year to be - all about telling stories.

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